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Born of an Inca tribe in Peru, J.R. was raised by silver-tailed wolves in the Amazon rainforest. At age 7, J.R. departed on a treacherous journey to the Nepalese Himalayas and, following a lengthy debate with the Dalai Lama about the merits predictive texting, moved to Brooklyn, New York. For the following decade the writer learned the street poetry of 'the corner', becoming a familiar face on brownstone stoops, housing project courtyards and anywhere where a good salad dressing was sold. At age 17, when riding home from a 12 hour bowling marathon with his friends Mr Def and Mr Tip, J.R. was greeted by a Sri Lankan wizard who was wearing a bright purple velour tracksuit. The ghetto preacher told him he was destined for great things, ranging from baking one hell of a pumpkin pie to Nobel Economic accolades. Another fate was to craft the world's best blog, writing on topics of social and political commentary in a style of creative non-fiction. And the wizard promised him if he tried hard enough, really tried, one day, someone, somewhere may consider publishing his work.

The Islands Down South

The Islands Down South By J.R. Kuwanski There are two islands down south. The people on the smaller one speak different to the people on the big one. There are more people on the smaller one. And they look out … Continue reading

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Dear Hipster

Dear Hipster, So, you did it. You ruined my New Year’s. You’ve ruined nights out before, but I didn’t think you’d be able to do this. Well done; I hope you’re happy with yourself. I know I can’t make you, … Continue reading

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The Campaign Speech I Wish Obama Would Give

The Campaign Speech I Wish Obama Would Give By J.R. Kuwanski My Fellow Americans, We have been besieged by the biggest economic downturn since the 1930s, but we’ve made incremental gains, we’re on the right track; we just need to … Continue reading

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‘Round the Corner

‘Round the Corner By J.R. Kuwanksi Walking on glass ceiling. The cracks are there. Above: sunshine, conversations with girls; weekends away with friends; out to dinner and discussions of politics. Clean open homes with triangle couches. Casual games of tennis … Continue reading

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The Sanctity of Cool: and the threat of modern hipsterism

The Sanctity of Cool: and the threat of modern hipsterism By J.R. Kuwanski They are modern society’s coiffed pariahs, the poseurs you love to hate. They are vultures of culture—the personification of style’s suffocation of substance, snark’s snuff of sincerity, … Continue reading

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Two Weeks to Makes Sense

The little understanding I had of African poverty were relic memories of 90’s World Vision advertisements, of children with bloated stomachs and flies on their faces. My only knowledge of West African conflict was early 2000s’ news footage of children … Continue reading

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Guys from the gym

Guys from the gym By J.R. Kuwanski Steve’s bulging frog-like eyes give him an unusual appearance. Combined with his receding hair line, high and protruding cheek bones, coupled with his thin tied back dreadlocks and 6’2 height, his appearance can … Continue reading

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